Whirlpool Hopes to Take a Spin With Virtual Reality

Headshot of James Cooper

Whirlpool was on top of the appliance/technology convergence two years ago when it launched its Sixth Sense Live collection, so it's no surprise the brand aims to be a major player in the interconnected home. But Bill Beck, Whirlpool's senior director of brand and channel marketing, surprised us when he stopped by Adweek's video HQ at the Aria to share his desire to dive into virtual reality technology as a form of marketing. To Beck's thinking, VR can help consumers do all the legwork of fitting a new washer/dryer into their home without ever leaving it. And once it's connected to all their other devices in the home, they'll even be able to make a 25-cent donation to Habitat for Humanity each time they do the wash—which Beck notes is about the equivalent amount of change found in your pants in the pre-wash pocket check.

@jcoopernyc james.cooper@adweek.com James Cooper is editorial director of Adweek.