Which Car Gained Most From Super Bowl?

Of the automotive brands that advertised on the Super Bowl broadcast, which got the most mileage out of its effort during the next several days? Measuring “impact on demand for the five models that appeared during, before or after Sunday’s game,” an Autometrics Pulse study says the Hyundai Sonata and Audi A3 fared best.

“Monday saw demand for the [Sonata] among current auto buyers double (+101 percent) compared to the 30 days before the game,” says Autometrics in its summary of the findings. Though declining from that peak, interest in the Sonata remained strong in the following days, standing at plus-90 percent on Tuesday and plus-58 percent on Wednesday. (The firm measures “demand” by monitoring “more than 100 data sources, including major automotive sites, the car-buying sections of major portals, automotive-enthusiast sites, etc.”)

The Audi A3 also scored strongly, building from a slow start on game day but then surging on Monday, when demand was 88 percent higher than in the 30 days prior to Super Sunday. “The sharp rise on Monday suggests social networking could have been responsible for the ad’s delayed success,” Autometrics says. On Wednesday, its gain was higher still, at plus-90 percent.

The Kia Sorrento gained less ground, though demand for it was up 51 percent on the day following the game, before declining to a plus-28 percent on Tuesday.

The Honda Accord Crosstour had a more modest gain in demand, and was just plus-24 percent by Wednesday. However, it was second only to the Hyundai Sonata in its generation of people identified as “prospects” — i.e., those especially likely to buy the vehicle in the next few weeks.

The laggard, according to this study, was the Dodge Charger, in large part because its rise in demand on game day was a negligible 3 percent. Even for this model, though, the next several days saw big increases in interest compared to the 30 days before the game. On Wednesday, for instance, demand was 41 percent higher than it had been in the month preceding the Super Bowl.