This Condom Brand’s Series of Intimacy Challenges Includes Unlocking Your Phone for a Stranger

Would you share bedroom secrets, or let a friend choose your date?

A little TMI? YouTube / LifeStylesUSA

Get closer … if you dare.

In this highly entertaining, mostly SFW campaign, a bunch of twenty-somethings answer questions and tackle various challenges based on common relationship themes such as trust and intimacy.

Developed by German agency +Knauss, and shot in crisp black-and-white, documentary-style, by youth culture maven Danielle Levitt, these “Dare to be Closer” digital videos introduce LifeStyles Zero natural rubber latex condoms (52 percent thinner!).

The goal is to stress closeness — and suggest the thinness of the product — without stooping to cliches about sexual performance. (Dystopian worlds, recently explored by LifeStyles’ sibling Skyn brand, are similarly absent.)

First up: a few of the guys unlock their phones and let two of the women check out the content.

Gentlemen, too many shirtless selfies and food pics just don’t cut it.

Next, the subjects trust friends to set up their profiles and match them with dates.

Best line: “I’ll put down ‘intelligent’ as well, ‘cuz it helps.” Heh.

In a more risqué installment, the cast shares a few of their sexual fantasies and secrets (this is the one to turn down at work).

Go ahead, have sex with the pilot. Just make sure somebody’s flying the plane!

Finally, we enter the game-show zone, with real-life romantic partners answering sexy questions about each other (warning: saucy talk ahead!).

So, she reminds him of “a horny dog” when they make love? Oh dude, that’s a howler!

“A key value of this campaign and for the target group is authenticity,” says agency founder and creative director Jan Knauss. “All couples in the campaign are real couples. All friends are real friends. None of the statements or reactions were scripted beforehand. Everything is authentic.”

Indeed, this crew is hugely likable, and the campaign’s relaxed, relatable vibe never feels like a put-on or seems stretched too thin.


Agency: +Knauss
Creative Directors: Thies Schuster, Jan Knauss
Strategy Director: Matthias Eylers
Copywriters: Nina Puri, Rike Sieler
Art Directors: Christopher Hanebuth, Johannes Guldner

Account Manager: Marit Müller
FFF Producer (Agency): Christian Schütz
Film Production: Sterntag Film
Director: Danielle Levitt

Director of Photography: David Raboy
Executive Producer: Maik Siering
Producer: Bettina Kolonko
Music: Michael Krüger / HushHush Music

Photographer: Harry Eelman, Johannes Guldner

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