When Sleeping on the Floor Finally Loses its Charm takes

What does a nation of couch potatoes need? Couches. A poll by Vertis finds 15 percent of adults plan to buy living room furniture in the next 12 months. The same number expect to be in the market for bedroom furniture, while 7 percent anticipate buying something for the dining room. Hoping to trade up from the thrift-shop hodgepodge they now have, 25-36-year-olds are the age group most likely to plan such purchases. In that age bracket, 26 percent expect to buy for the bedroom, 20 percent for the living room and 11 percent for the dining room. Women with children are far more likely than childless women to foresee a furniture purchase in the next 12 months: 21 percent vs. 10 percent for the bedroom, 18 percent vs. 11 percent for the living room and 9 percent vs. 4 percent for the dining room. The chart here gives a sense of the factors guiding people when they do shop for furniture. Finally, would you go the extra mile to buy a nice item? Depends on how many miles you’ve already gone. When people were asked how many miles they’d drive to buy new furniture, the answers averaged out to 37 miles, down a bit from 40 miles in a 1998 Vertis survey.

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