What’s So Good About ‘Dumb Ways to Die’?

From JWT CCO Matt MacDonald

This is a periodic installment that asks an agency guru to highlight a project from Google's Creative Sandbox, an online gallery of standout campaigns that blend creativity and technology.

Matt MacDonald

Chief Creative Officer, JWT New York

My Pick: Dumb Ways to Die for Melbourne Metro Rail McCann Worldgroup

In a Nutshell: A public service announcement on Metro Rail safety that turned into a global viral phenomenon

Why I Wish I Did It: If there’s one thing Don Draper has taught us over six seasons of Mad Men, it’s this: Every great ad is secretly about death. That’s why I love this campaign from Australia. It takes what could be a gruesome and depressing message and makes it joyful and shareable and hummable and everything a great ad should be. I also appreciate that it gives credit to the audience that they can handle a tongue-in-cheek approach to such a serious issue. Last point: This campaign also reminded me not to do my own electrical work this past weekend. So it may have just saved my life. Thanks, Metro!

Fast Stats:

49 million YouTube Views

Top 10 download on iTunes

20% reduction in accidents on Metro