What Millennials Are Doing in the Face of Covid-19

And what brands should remember about this demographic

Illustration of a woman meditating
Millennials have a unique perspective on how they think about and take care of their health, and Coronavirus is only amplifying it. iStock

When I wake up in the morning, I practice mindfulness and meditate in bed for about 15 minutes to ground myself. I then check my emails, double-tap a few photos on my Instagram feed, get out of bed, brush my teeth, do my (nauseously long) skincare, walk to work, make a homemade almond milk latte in my silicone carry away cup (again, to save the environment) and get to work.

As the insights and data strategy lead across Havas Media’s healthcare portfolio of brands, Kelly Lundquist brings her diversified research and insights experience to the agency’s healthcare clients.