How to Survive a Brand Quarantine During Covid-19

This isn’t the time to run a scheduled campaign; strategies need to adjust

quarantine yellow tape with hands in the background
Instead, look to do those back-burner tasks that you've been putting off. Photo Illustration: Trent Joaquin; Source: Getty Images

As publicists, brand marketers and agency owners, many of us are not prepared for the coronavirus. Most of us have never lived during a pandemic, let alone personally experienced one. This is where crisis communications training will become invaluable. We are used to helping clients with short term PR fiascos or crisis com issues. But make no mistake—we must prepare for an ongoing crisis. This will not be a crisis that will go away any time soon. As marketers, don’t keep marketing with your head in the sand.

@sparklingruby Kristen Ruby is the CEO of Ruby Media Group, an award-winning public relations agency