We’re Adweek Together, Working Through the Coronavirus Crisis

How agencies, brands, media and tech are experiencing COVID-19

We're launching a live daily discussion.
We're launching a live daily discussion. Adweek

In early February, many of us in the Adweek newsroom began talking about the coronavirus and what it might mean to the brand marketing ecosystem. That was before the disease caused by the virus got its official name, COVID-19, from the World Health Organization.

In those early days, we had brief discussions about angles we could cover that would be meaningful for the industry. It seemed as if COVID-19 was a distant threat that would come and go, seasonal like the flu.

On Feb. 20, we created a section on Adweek.com to categorize our coverage. Since then, it’s grown to 19 pages with nearly 200 stories—and that’s not including the up-to-the-minute postings on our Coronavirus Tracker, as well as our blogs TVNewser, TVSpy and AgencySpy.

It’s now March 24. And as the confirmed cases keep climbing, tens of millions of people are settling into their new work-from-home normal. As we continue to keep the advertising and marketing industry updated through reporting, insights, tips and guides, whether in the magazine, online, through our podcasts or video series, we’re launching one more resource: Adweek Together, a daily live discussion hosted by our editors along with the leaders of the companies we cover, seeking guidance, solutions and information—together.

@ChrisAriens chris.ariens@adweek.com Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.