Wendy’s Floods NCAA Social Media Zone

Wendy’s is attempting to insinuate itself into this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament with a social media push designed to create real-life parties.

The fast feeder has worked with The Kaplan Thaler Group for Facebook- and Twitter-based promos dangling gift cards for boneless wings to consumers who organize viewing parties using the social networks. The Facebook effort gives away $50 gift cards to 100 such consumers at random.

On Twitter
, the cards are awarded to those who offer the funniest and quirkiest responses to various challenges. For instance, in the first week, Wendy’s asks consumers on Twitter to finish the statement “If taste buds could talk, they’d say: ‘Boneless wings (finish this from a quirky perspective).”

Wendy’s is awarding three $50 gift certificates a day to the winners of the Twitter contest. Both promos conclude on April 4.

The effort will not receive any mainstream advertising support. Myles Kleeger, managing director of digital and experiential engagement at New York-based Kaplan Thaler, said he hopes the buzz will get around on its own. “We’re really working hard to build up our community of users,” he said.

Wendy’s currently has about 321,000 fans on Facebook and 2,818 followers on Twitter.

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