Web Ad Revenue Surges in 2010

The recession is starting to fade from memory, in the online ad world at least.

Online advertising revenue will surge by 13.9 percent to $25.8 billion in 2010 in the U.S., according to the latest forecast from industry researcher eMarketer. That’s at least the third time that eMarketer has revised its 2010 spending estimates upward. A year ago the company predicted 5.5 percent growth this year. By May of this year that estimate had swelled to 11 percent.

The next several years should be robust for the online ad space as well, according to eMarketer. Next year, spending will climb by 10.5 percent—and in fact the researcher foresees double-digit spending growth in every year through 2014 with revenue netting out at $40.5 billion.

It appears that the Web’s relatively low cost compared to other media, coupled with its reputation for trackability may be propelling more dollars to the medium during the prolonged downturn.

According to eMarketer analyst David Hallerman, “It may seem ironic, but marketers’ economic concerns are leading them to spend more for online advertising.”