Unsworth to Rejoin Arnold as CMO

NEW YORK After two years with The Ad Club in Boston, former managing partner Lisa Unsworth is returning to Havas’ Arnold in the new position of chief marketing officer.

Unsworth will assume this post in the first quarter of 2005, probably at the beginning of March, she said. Unsworth will work closely with Arnold evp, director of brand and business development Phil Reilly and report to president Fran Kelly and CCO and chairman Ron Lawner.

“The day she left, I started to recruit her back,” CEO Ed Eskandarian said. “We had some other jobs we had offered her in the past year that she turned down. They weren’t right for her.”

Unsworth, 42, first joined Boston-based Arnold in 1998 when the agency purchased crosstown shop Houston Herstek Favat, where she had been president and oversaw Massachusetts’ anti-smoking account. She helped Arnold win the estimated $70 million American Legacy Foundation national anti-tobacco account the next year and ran the business through her departure from Arnold in 2002.

Eskandarian said he created the position because the agency needs someone who will not only trumpet its accomplishments, but look for long-term opportunities that will carry the agency’s momentum.

Arnold has had a solid new-business year in 2004, winning the $75 million Vonage account as well as work from Gillette, Tyson, and Pfizer, among others.

“A lot of times the way agencies win business is through a review, and agencies react to that. Those things will be alive and well at Arnold, but my role will be proactive,” Unsworth said. “I’ll be figuring out who we are a great match for and what their needs are. It’s not waiting for the phone to ring.”

“We win a lot of new business, but we’re the worst marketers of ourselves than anyone I’ve ever seen in the agency world, Eskandarian said. “Its about being known for what we do, the culture of our company, the big ideas that we give clients. You want to tell the customer what it is they want to buy.”

The agency, which has offices in Boston, New York, St. Louis and Washington D.C., has made attempts this year to brand the offices as one Arnold and will combine the P&L statements of all its units and offices beginning Jan. 1, according to Eskandarian.