Deanna Zammit

Ideas That Inspire: Cash Injection

You’ve seen the pitch before: a video montage of Third World children shows them mired in poverty, barefoot in muddy streets and emaciated but for their distended bellies. The narration: […]

More Mini

Any parenting book will tell you, introducing a new sibling is never easy. So when Mini USA prepared to bring the Clubman into the clan, there were some unique considerations. […]

Calling on NBA Fans

It could have been the same old Super Bowl story. A creative team toils for months, and a client spends millions, on 30-seconds of big-game glory. Then, faster than the […]

Ad for imaginary iTalk phone

Here’s a spec ad for a spec phone that bears the Apple logo, but has no relation to Apple itself. In fact, the auteur, Christopher DeSantis, is careful to point […]

Crumpler’s ‘Beer for Bags’ promo hits NYC

This is one promotion to get behind. Tomorrow, Crumpler Bags is bringing its “Beer for Bags Week” stateside, following unsurprisingly successful promotions in the company’s native Australia – a market […]

Czechs invent estrogen-enhanced beer

A while back, we wrote that centenarian Irene Alice Goguen credited her longevity to beer. Now, it seems some Czech scientists have engineered a beer that will make getting older […]

MacBooks get hot, hot, hot

When you’ve spent the better part of three days behind a red-hot MacBook in a sweltering city apartment, a YouTube video titled How Hot is the MacBook? tends to grab […]

Juan (Valdez) after another

As one Juan Valdez wanders into the sunset, another is poised to arrive with a new image to maintain for the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia.Carlos Sanchez is […]

Losties, Soapies two sides of the same coin

So there I was, poised to ridicule the Guiding Light fans who have propelled fictional tell-all Oakdale Confidential onto The New York Times’ best-seller list. (The book has been woven […]

Wal-Mart could ‘green’ house with organic, ethanol combo

What’s up with Wal-Mart? First, the mega-store announces it’s taking a stab at organic foods, priced right for the rollback crowd. An upcoming article in The New York Times Magazine […]