Ubid.com Wagers on TV

UBid.com wants consumers to know that eBay.com isn’t the end-all when it comes to online auctions, especially when it comes to computer hardware. This is why the site is firing up its first national TV spot on Aug. 18 during the Baltimore Ravens/New York Jets preseason game.

The NFL films-flavored 30-second spot shows a fan in football jersey and eye black sitting at his laptop. The voiceover says: “across a digital gridiron, gladiators collide one-on-one, bid against bid; this is uBid.com.”

The spot, via Bagby and Co., Chicago, will run on the CBS network throughout the fall. They will appear during NFL, college football and U.S. Open broadcasts and wrap up Nov. 20. Tag: “uBid.com. Where you win at paying less.”

The budget for the campaign was not available.

The campaign marks the beginning of an agreement the site has struck with CBS SportsLine.com and the CBS network. Under the terms, uBid officially becomes CBS SportsLine.com’s auction partner while the new spot plugs the popular sports site.

The two are a natural fit because they both target a core audience of men 25-44, said Allan Cohen, svp-marketing for uBid.com, Chicago. “It’s perfect because we’re looking for the most highly qualified people to bring to our site. Plus the idea of winning and competing also lends itself to sports [as well as auctions].”

The Hewlett-Packard Pavilion 7970 and Intel Inside processor also receive mentions in the spot.

The CBS partnership and the additional product plugs have made the media buy inexpensive, which is key for the CMGI-owned uBid. The Andover, Mass.-based CMGI has been struggling mightily of late with its stock trading at $2.14 on Friday, down from a 52-week high of $49.13.

According to CMR, the site spent $154,000 on media last year. However, the company does not track online spends, which historically have been the channel uBid has used to invest its dollars.

UBid is currently running ads in PC Magazine and PC World. Online ads are being used to support the package.

UBid is a distant second to eBay when it comes to unique visitors. In June, eBay had 18.9 million unique visitors, and uBid had 2.2 million, per Jupiter Media Metrix, New York. There are currently more than two million registered members at the site.