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Uber's Comfort Lounge gives travelers the perks of a private lounge without a membership fee. Uber
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Uber Creates ‘Comfort Lounge’ at O’Hare for Holiday Travelers

If you’re traveling through Chicago’s O’Hare airport this holiday season—and you’re not lucky enough to be welcomed into a swanky, members-only lounge—Uber’s got your back. In its second foray into airport advertising, Uber installed a pop-up at Middle America’s massive air travel hub to give travelers a little extra comfort on their way home for the holidays. Or wherever they’re going. The Comfort Club features complimentary soda or water, and a “comfort package” with socks, travel wipes, earplugs and a face mask. There are also noise-canceling headphones and a reclining leather chair for those who need to tune out various announcements. And, of course, a promo code to try out Uber’s new Comfort Class.

Read more: Uber worked with Clear Channel Airports and events company Tool of North America to create the pop-up.

5 Things We Can’t Wait for in 2020’s Streaming World

2019 was a big year for streaming television no matter how you slice it. But what comes next in the space? After looking back on five ways the streaming world changed forever in 2019, Adweek’s Kelsey Sutton looked ahead at what’s to come in 2020. First, Disney and Hulu’s relationship will continue to evolve. NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock, and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max are both scheduled to drop in the new year. Ad-supported video on-demand made a resurgence in 2019 and is expected to continue to grow in 2020 along with new ad formats we’ve yet to even see. Finally: the measurement problem. While streaming services have internal metrics for their programs, there’s no real incentive to share that info, nor an easy way to measure from the outside.

Read more: HBO Max’s anticipated streaming debut has left industry watchers scratching their heads.

Agency Holiday Cards 2019: A Batch of Our Favorite Creative Season’s Greetings So Far

Every year, agencies send us holiday cards. But, being the creative geniuses that they are, they’re not your average holiday cards. This year, agencies explored all kinds of themes from the past decade: from a self-care Advent calendar and the contagious nature of kind acts to North Pole-branded spiked seltzer and a satirical gender gap Mrs. Claus doll, we got some good ones this year. Bozell encouraged folks to pass on the cheer by including pre-stamped cards—and then included a link for a tracker to see how much cheer had been generated by each recipient. Dagger included footage of its office to prove that it Definitely Isn’t Closed during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Check out more of the highlights: Featuring the classic holiday tale, “The Year Advertising Saved Christmas.”

How the New Mini Cooper Uniquely Took Over a B8ta Store

B8ta’s had a big year. After working with Macy’s, receiving two rounds of funding, launching a fashion and lifestyle version of its original consumer electronics retail store and expanding domestically and internationally, it got into the car market. Sort of. B8ta used its retail-as-a-service platform and one of its retail shops in San Francisco to create a unique, immersive experience dedicated to the new, all-electric Mini Cooper SE that’s rolling out in March.

Read more: The store was split into five sections so that b8ta could accurately assess which parts of the experience drew the most foot traffic.

Best of the Rest:

Agencies Reveal How to Celebrate the Holidays in a Unique Way

Susanna Max, marketing manager, Curiosity

Our annual holiday party is not only a time to celebrate the year, but also a chance to give one employee a very special surprise. At Curiosity, we encourage every employee to foster their curiosity, giving everyone one day per year paid to explore something they’ve always wanted to try. The only catch? Every employee must share their adventures with the company. At the holiday party, Curiosity raffles off one week of paid time off and a vacation fund to travel someplace they’ve been curious to see. Last year’s winner visited Croatia with her husband!

Ad of the Day: Addressing Mental Health, Santa Questions the Outdated Choices of ‘Naughty or Nice’ for Kids

National Alliance on Mental Illness

What does “naughty” or “nice” really mean? In 2019? When we have a much more advanced understanding of childhood trauma, chemical imbalance or the complex behavioral symptoms that result from any kind of neurological atypicality? That’s what Santa’s pondering atop a snow-covered house in this spot for the National Alliance for Mental Illness, produced by W+K New York. What to do with a reductive binary system that—while created with good intentions—may be doing a disservice to children that need a kind gesture most of all?

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