2 Eager Creatives Will Take Your Agency’s Cannes Lions Award on An All-Expenses-Paid Trip to NYC

There's just one catch...

Before you place your agency's shiny new Cannes Lions award on a shelf where it will no doubt gather dust, two U.K. creatives want to take that statue on the all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime, to New York. They guarantee to make the trip (and your lion) legendary.

It doesn't come without a cost, though. In exchange—we're sure you're shocked to hear—the duo is asking for either a portfolio critique or a placement at your agency.

The Legendary Lion Tour asks any U.K.-based agency to hand their lion over to David Felton and Sandrine Gautheret of Oh La La Creative for a two-month adventure in NYC. Once the lion touches down in the Big Apple, Felton and Gautheret promise to send the agency a daily snapshot of its precious lion in front of iconic landmarks, at the agency's New York shop or anywhere else the agency wants to see it. New York-based creative Mate Nagy will pitch in, as well.


While Felton said he hopes to push his own creative boundaries with this project and explore the city during his two-month trip, the main goal is to help the creative duo land jobs. 

"I wouldn't deny that there's an element of self-publicity here, but it's the lion we want to transform into a celebrity, not ourselves," Felton said in an email.  

So far, no agencies have taken the bait, which Felton said surprised him. Both he and Gautheret have a few connections at agencies, and when they reached out they either never heard back or the agency expressed some interest but then cut communication.  

Plus, a lost lion is a major concern. "If we accidentally drop one over the edge of Niagara Falls, it costs over $1,400 to replace—including $150 courier fees," Felton said. "That's not a small amount of money, no matter how big your agency is."

But he's still holding out hope. "I reckon our Lion is more likely to come from an unexpected agency who wants to make a statement and show they've got the balls to do something different," he said. 

Leading up to the trip, Felton said he plans to bombard agencies with emails and see if he can get any leads. So agencies beware, you can't stop a hungry creative on the hunt for a job.