TV Comedies for TXU

Publicis in Mid America is out to generate laughs in a new television campaign on behalf of energy supplier TXU.

The agency’s Dallas office has created five 30-second spots, which will be seen on network and cable channels in North Texas this fall.

“The first campaign was a name change, telling people what TXU is all about. This campaign puts a face to the company,” said Seth Werner, president and chief creative officer at Publicis in Mid America.

Each spot features a humorous vignette showing how electricity generated by the Dallas-based company is used. The voiceover says: “We produce the electricity. How you use it is up to you.”

Of the five spots—”Softball,” “TV Sports,” “Clapper,” “Office Holiday” and”Don’t Wake Me Up”—”TV Sports” is perhaps the funniest. It shows a man setting up every TV set he owns in one room in order to watch several sports contests at the same time. The ironic punch line: he is fast asleep as a goal is scored in a hockey game.

“It’s a great campaign and different from the first, but we are still on track as far as what we are trying to achieve—transforming our brand into a customized service providing what the customers want,” said Susan Atteridge, executive vice president for communications at TXU.

The campaign’s media budget was undisclosed.

The utility spent $1.6 million on television advertising last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.