Trone Really Nails It For Uniroyal

15-Second TigerPaw TV Spot Leads Off $15 Mil. Marketing Effort
ATLANTA–Backing its entry into the growing “flat prevention” and “continued mobility” aftermarket tire segments, Uniroyal this week breaks a $15 million integrated marketing campaign for its TigerPaw Nailguard model.
The campaign, by Trone Advertising in Greensboro, N.C., be-gins with a 15-second TV spot showing a car, outfitted with the new TigerPaws, driving over more than 100 nails.
“If we pique [viewer’s] curiosity, we feel the dealers can finish the message,” said Trone associate creative director Robin Yontz of the decision to produce only one 15-second ad. “They had a limited budget and we wanted to do the best thing with the money we had.”
Security that goes beyond simple traction and prevents break downs after a puncture is “the hottest issue in the industry,” said Uniroyal brand manager Joe Herget. “Such tires have been around for many years as equipment on new cars, but it is only now that aftermarket interest has been surging.”
Nailguard, which adds about $10 to a tire’s price, prevents most punctures via its self-sealing technology.
The Nailguard commercial will air through November, then return in the spring with a second spot. Ads will run on network, spot TV and cable, with a concentration on pro football on ABC, CBS and Fox, network evening news and late-night programming. Co-op newspaper ads will run concurrently with the TV work. Twenty-five to 54-year-old males are the main demographic.
“We’re aiming at men who want their families to have a safe drive home,” Yontz told Adweek. “They come in 22 of the most popular sizes that fit your basic family car.”
Trone’s public relations department also got in on the act, assisting Uniroyal in a handful of promotional efforts. For example, the client added a 10-foot nail to its eight-story tall tire landmark off I-94 in Detroit.
Creative credits for the ad campaign include Yontz, art director Rusty Williams, copywriter Benjamin Clark and agency producer Pam DenHartog.