Tom Brady Epically Brushes His Teeth in Intel’s Super Bowl Ad Promoting Replay Technology

Spot makes the QB look heroic doing everyday activities

Think an NFL star’s morning routine is boring? Well, it kind of is, but not when viewed through Intel’s 360-degree replay technology. That’s the story the tech brand is telling in its Super Bowl spot from mcgarrybowen starring New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

In the 30-second ad, “Brady Everyday,” the four-time Super Bowl champ brushes his teeth and whips up a batch of pancakes, but Intel’s replay technology, which will be featured in Fox’s broadcast of the Big Game, turns these tasks into epic moments.

“People typically show the athlete in the uniform and on the field,” said Steve Fund, svp and CMO at Intel. “We wanted to do something different. We’re making these everyday things look heroic and interesting because that’s what our technology does. The idea is, if we can make him look epic brushing his teeth, wait until you see how we can use the technology in the game.”

UPDATE: Intel can rest easy as New England will face Atlanta in the Super Bowl after the Patriots dispatched the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game.

“We wanted to get the biggest name in the game, and someone who symbolizes performance and what our brand stands for,” Fund said.

People can also visit a website to design their own videos featuring frames of Brady throwing a football to be aggregated into an online gallery and video compilation released on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 5.

Last year, Intel integrated its replay technology into the Super Bowl broadcast and ran an ad just prior to kickoff. This year’s spot will run during the game.

The brand recently teamed up with another sports icon, Michael Phelps, who appeared in ads hot off his incredible performance at the Summer Olympics.

“Our association with sports allows us to connect performance with Intel,” Fund said. “We’re trying to get people to think differently about Intel. It’s still thought of as a PC microprocessor company, and we’re trying to change perceptions through efforts like this.”

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