To Dine For Podcast: Celebrating 100 Episodes With Kate Sullivan

The host shares the top things she’s learned from her guests and their conversations

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On this week’s episode of To Dine For, host Kate Sullivan celebrates 100 episodes by reflecting on the top three things she has learned from the visionaries, creators and founders featured over the last two years of the podcast.

Featuring guests like Mark Cuban, Deepak Chopra and M. Night Shyamalan, journalist Kate Sullivan transports you to restaurants around the country to hear the diverse stories of entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators and change-agents at their favorite restaurants. The show is a celebration of people who have taken an idea from ”inspiration to execution” through their own imagination and hard work and are now using their success to help others and ultimately change the world.

It’s also a celebration of food and the place it holds in our life stories. Catch up on the first 100 episodes of the show here.

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