TLP Creates Donut Desires for 7-Eleven

DALLAS Tracy Locke Partnership showcases strange things people will do for doughnuts in TV spots breaking Monday that introduce 7-Eleven’s Dreammm Donut.

One 15-second spot opens with an older, white-gloved Southern woman welcoming other sophisticates to her gardening club function. When the camera pans the seated crowd, it stops on three leather-clad, tattooed bikers who are helping themselves to the Dreammm Donuts being passed around. Voiceover: “Go out of your way for a great doughnut? Now you don’t have to. The new Dreammm Donut. Only at 7-Eleven. And yeah, they’re that good.”

In another 15-second ad from the Dallas shop, a group of co-workers dig into a box of Dreammm Donuts as they meet only to plan future meetings. “The new Dreammm Donut. Only at 7-Eleven. And yeah, they’re that good,” says the narrator. The “Thank heaven for 7-Eleven” tag appears as a graphic in the closing screen.

TLP president and chief creative officer Robert Chimbel said, “Everybody loves doughnuts, and people will go out of their way for these. But they don’t have to because there are lots of 7-Eleven’s conveniently located.”

The national ads are the first the Omnicom Group shop has produced for the local client since winning creative duties without a review in October. The win came just days after Austin, Texas-based GSD&M had resigned the account, which it had held for only eight months. The shop said a conflict emerged with Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, which is expanding both its brand presence and coffee line.

The spots will run nationally on network and cable stations. Camelot Communications, Dallas, handles media for 7-Eleven.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. The client spent $38 million on advertising through October last year, according to CMR.

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