Time Goes By in Margeotes’ SunCom Ads

NEW YORK SunCom contrasts the evolution of the cellular phone with the stagnation of service plans in a $15 million campaign introducing the company’s flat-rate plan, which includes a new TV spot that breaks Wednesday.

The spot, by MDC Partners’ Margeotes|Fertitta + Partners in New York, shows the passage of time via cell-phone users on a city street. The ad opens in 1983, when a young man totes a bulky portable down the street. Seconds later, a “career woman” speaks into a slightly smaller phone. As the street scene enters the mid-’90s era, the cell phones appear sleek and slim, while the phones at the end of the spot are the handless earpieces used today.

A voiceover says, “After decades of perfecting wireless phones, isn’t it time someone took a look at wireless service?” The ad introduces SunCom’s flat-rate plan, which promises to eliminate “calling plans, counting minutes and the roller-coaster bills,” and announces “the end of wireless as you know it.”

The commercial, which will appear in 60-, 30- and 10-second iterations, will run in 20 spot TV markets during shows such as Survivor, American Idol and Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as the series finale of Friends. At least 16 print ads, which began running Sunday, will appear in 20 markets each week. Radio and outdoor ads are also in the media mix.