Thomasville Goes Contemporary

McCarthy Mambro Bertino positions Thomasville Furniture as the place “Where style lives” in its first major image campaign for the client.

The effort breaks this week, with one 30-second television commercial featuring a 20-something couple reading a newspaper as they lounge on a leather sofa. A voiceover says, “Amazing what you can find in a sofa. There’s change. Keys. The remote. And if you’re really lucky, the reason you got married in the first place.” At the end of the spot, the woman, who has been playfully rebuffing her husband’s advances, cuddles with him on the sofa.

Campaign spending is bracketed at $10-12 million.

“People think of Thomasville as a North Carolina-based furniture manufacturer,” said Jamie Mambro, creative director at Boston’s MMB. “We wanted to contemporize the brand and show how people live on furniture,” he said.

“We are trying to project a different image of the store and appeal to a younger mind-set,” said Jim Adams, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of the Thomasville, N.C.-based furniture maker.

Another 30-second TV execution shows a large Dalmatian prowling around a house, finally settling on a sofa. A voiceover says, “Do dogs have sense of style … It’s uncanny how they always find the most beautiful sofa in the house.”

The work will appear on network and cable stations.

The advertising campaign, which consists of TV, print and collateral work, is a departure from previous efforts for Thomasville Furniture. Past campaigns have focused on individual furniture collections, as opposed to the brand as a whole.

The furniture company’s most recent ad campaign from Winston-Salem, N.C.’s Long Haymes Carr, precursor of thecurrent Mullen/LHC, touted the Ernest Hemingway Collection.

MMB picked up the Thomasville Furniture account last year following a review.

Production credits for the new advertising campaign include Mambro as creative director, DavidRegister as associate creative director and Derek Kirkman as senior art director.

New television commercials, which will extend the image work, are expected in the fall.

Print ads are running in InStyle, House Beautiful, Country Home and Traditional Home.