Thomasville Furniture Banks on Bogart

BOSTON Thomasville Furniture will break a 30-second TV spot from McCarthy Mambro Bertino that evokes the aura of screen legend Humphrey Bogart to introduce the chain’s Bogart Collection.

The commercial, which breaks Feb. 17, envisions a fashionable party in the 1940s. As a woman descends a staircase, a voiceover says, “Style: Between Bel Air and Beverly Hills, you could feel it everywhere, for this was the era of glamour, elegance and romance. An era personified by one man: Humphrey Bogart.” A Bogart look-alike moves through the crowd. The narrator concludes that the collection was “designed with the style and elegance of one of Hollywood’s most romantic legends.” No footage of Bogart is used, though a photograph of him appears at the spot’s close and in print ads.

MMB and Thomasville executives took great care to deflect criticism by focusing more on Bogart’s era than the man himself, said president and co-creative director Fred Bertino.

Bogart’s son, Stephen Bogart, endorses the Thomasville campaign, and approached the company a few years ago about using his father’s name after seeing the furniture maker’s Hemingway Collection.

The new ads retain the tagline, “Where style lives.” Print work, which shows Bogart golfing and lounging by a pool, is running in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Oprah and Real Simple. TV will air on network morning shows and cable.

Thomasville spends $20-25 million on ads, according to CMR.