This Mother’s Day Ad for Skittles Was So Unsettling, They Pulled It Off YouTube

Wrigley explains why it was taken down

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Skittles has a long and mostly proud history of celebrating anatomical oddities and physical ailments, from the famous “Touch” and “Beard” spots a decade ago to more recent work like “Bleachers.”

But the brand’s Mother’s Day ad for 2017, by DDB Chicago, apparently went a little too far, with its dramatization of a mother and son who are extremely, disturbingly close provoking some complaints, and leading Skittles to pull it from YouTube.

See the spot here:

The spot isn’t actually that much weirder than a lot of past Skittles work. In some ways, it’s quite reminiscent of the “Milked Man” spot from 2007, in which a human male who’s being milked contaminates his supply by eating Sour Skittles (thus producing sour milk).

Perhaps the umbilical cord gag was just too much to stomach.

Matt Montei, senior director of confections at Wrigley U.S., explained to us why it was removed from social channel. “We made this video for every mom who likes gross jokes, and we’re taking it down for every mom who doesn’t,” he said. “Happy Mother’s Day.”

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.