This Ad About a Boy and His Pet Bee Is Absurd, So Why Does It Work So Well?

Another visual treasure from Wind

Ah, that first true non-human friendship. For some, it’s with a puppy. For others, a goldfish or a cricket in a jar.

In this story by Ogilvy Italy for Italian telco Wind, it’s a bee.

Bees aren’t often perceived as ideal candidates for furry-friend Stockholm Syndrome. But in “Bee,” the absurd premise takes on an irresistible charm.

A little boy frees a bee from a jar, and a Lassie-and-Timmy relationship forms. They become inseparable. The bee sleeps on his pillow, nibbles honey from his plate (don’t try that; it’s not a thing), and in one memorable scene, pops bubbles as the boy blows them out in the tub.

In the end, the bee leads the boy back to its hive … where it reveals it’s time to say goodbye. The film closes with the line, “If there is something without limits, it’s our ability to communicate.”

“Bee” was directed by Giuseppe Capotondi, who’s done previous films for Wind based on other values. Last year’s featured two sisters with a complicated relationship, and revolved around the notion of how some memories are better experienced, not photographed.

“While to a certain extent we’ve updated the perspective, once again we’ve created a story in pure Wind style, full of sensitivity and courage,” says chief creative officer Giuseppe Mastromatteo of Ogilvy Italy. “The film is surprising, both in the choice of narrative style and its protagonists—a bee and a young boy. And while we’re on the subject of communication and closeness once again, we found we could count on the unlimited collaboration of Wind.”

The takeaway is not to try befriending an insect with a stinger, best left among the flowers. But in the same way this improbable relationship transcends the boundaries of reality, Wind conveys that our capacity to communicate transcends technology.

Client: Wind

Agency: Ogilvy Italy
Chief Creative Officer : Giuseppe Mastromatteo, Paolo Iabichino
Client Creative Director: Giordano Curreri (Art Director), Marco Geranzani (Copywriter)
General Manager: Daniela Morone
TV Producer : Francesca D’Agostino

Production House: Mercurio
Director: Giuseppe Capotondi
Dop: Marcello Dapporto
Executive producer: Luca Fanfani
Producer CDP: Victoria Rabbogliatti
Music: “Hero” – Family of the year