They Never Seem To Get Enough Of It

Freud was stumped by the question, “What do women want?” Perhaps that’s because women were too busy to give him the answer, which we now have thanks to a poll of women by Health magazine and LLuminari. What women want (76 percent of them, anyhow) is more “me time.” A glance at the chart below will show you why they feel this way. Even on a Saturday or Sunday, fewer than half the respondents (46 percent) get more than an hour for themselves. And things are getting worse: 55 percent said they have less time for themselves than five years ago, vs. 32 percent saying “more.” What prevents women from getting the personal time they feel they need? For 32 percent, “work hours” is the chief culprit; 26 percent pointed to “family demands”; 14 percent said they’re “not organized enough” to make time for themselves; 10 percent “feel guilty about taking time for myself.” Fifty-nine percent said men (those shameless beasts) “are better at taking time for themselves than women.” One final tidbit: 37 percent agreed with the statement, “I sometimes resent women who have more time for themselves than I have.” Better be careful about featuring ladies of leisure in your ads.