These Over-the-Top Holiday Gift Baskets Won’t Be Regifted

Big things come in ginormous packages

There's an old joke that circulates every holiday season about how there's really just one fruitcake in the world–the one everybody keeps regifting.

But actually, that most unwanted of all presents has been replaced by a far grander and certainly more desirable one: the holiday gift basket.

In the run-up to another holiday season, a visit online yields a vast assortment of companies marketing wicker wonders that are bigger and more bountiful than ever, catering to the shopper who needs a gift for that important client or someone he or she needs to impress but knows little about. And of course, the gift basket is the ideal choice for those who plain hate to shop.

This holiday, the big basket may be in big demand. The latest IRI MarketPulse survey suggests that spending will grow 4.1 percent versus last year, while the National Retail Federation projects that Americans will drop nearly $617 billion more than last year.

Feeling generous? Here, a sampling of the largest, heaviest, costliest and most calorie-rich baskets found on the Internet.

And unlike that fruitcake, these monsters won't be so easy to regift.