The Speed of Culture Podcast: The Art of Authenticity

The evolution of WeWoreWhat with founder and CEO Danielle Bernstein

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What makes a great influencer? Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat believes it’s all about authenticity and staying true to yourself. With over 13 years of experience as an influencer, Bernstein has always been transparent with her audience. This allowed her to build trust and longevity when releasing or promoting products.

Bernstein joins Matt Britton in the latest episode of The Speed of Culture podcast in collaboration with Adweek. Bernstein shares her journey from a college student with a street-style blog to becoming a trend-setting fashion entrepreneur. She shares the importance of authenticity when promoting products, the challenges and value of influencer marketing and the immense power of building a strong personal brand.

Tune into the latest episode or read the transcript below to learn about the role of authenticity and transparency in influencer marketing.

Key highlights:

  • 04:08 – 05:32 – Authenticity as a currency: Authenticity is the key ingredient for an influencer, which is vital to effectively influence consumer purchasing and establish a genuine connection with your audience. As an influencer, only promote products you truly believe in. By being transparent about your experiences, you will cultivate trust and longevity in the relationship with consumers.
  • 05:32 – 08:21 – Mental health in the influencer’s world: By sharing her life journey, including both struggles and wins, Bernstein has cultivated a sense of connection with her audience, which proved effective in creating a loyal following. However, she highlights the mental toll of constantly “being on.” Balancing personal openness with mental well-being is crucial for anyone in the public eye to reach long-term success.
  • 08:21 – 11:14 – Genuinity over perfection: It’s important not to overthink the content-creation process or fixate on likes or community engagement. Genuine and less-curated content often resonates more with audiences. Focus on creating organic, relatable content that reflects real moments. This mindset helps you foster a more authentic connection with followers and streamlines the content creation.
  • 11:14 – 14:00 – From influencer to fashion mogul: Bernstein’s journey from influencer to fashion entrepreneur showcases the role of ownership and strategic thinking in building a lasting brand. Recognizing the fleeting nature of influence, she leveraged her audience’s insights and personal taste to identify market gaps, starting a swimwear line that closed $2 million in sales on launch day. Bernstein’s approach helped her diversify her revenue streams beyond influencing.
  • 17:21 – 19:02 – Thriving in the creator economy: In the crowded creator economy, where everyone from micro-influencers to established names competes for attention, the market’s over saturation poses a challenge in distinguishing genuine, trustworthy content. Even small influencers can effectively market products if their audience is highly engaged. However, effective content creation is about selective partnerships and maintaining authenticity. This selective approach builds trust with followers and ensures long-term credibility in an ever-evolving digital landscape.