The Speed of Culture Podcast: Entering a New Age of Connection

CMO and vp of marketing at Verizon Value on the rise of 5G

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During the last two decades, the telecom industry has significantly changed, shifting from wired to wireless technology. As millennials and Gen Z increasingly favor digital-first experiences, the market is continuously adapting to meet these new preferences. To understand how companies like Verizon Value are navigating this change, we spoke with Cheryl Gresham, the company’s chief marketing officer and vp of marketing.

As the chief marketing officer, Gresham is at the forefront of crafting a holistic marketing strategy for the Verizon Value portfolio. Her role encompasses various responsibilities, including enhancing brand identity and awareness, spearheading demand generation and innovative campaigns, optimizing media investments and more.

In the latest episode of The Speed of Culture podcast, Gresham sits down with Suzy founder and CEO Matt Britton and delves into Verizon’s digital-centric marketing approach to cater to Gen Z and millennials. She also unveils future trends in the wireless market and the rise of 5G.

Tune into the latest episode below to explore Verizon’s innovations and how they are marketing to younger generations.

Key highlights:

  • 04:32 – 09:58 – Taco Bell’s strategic brand turnaround: While at Taco Bell, Gresham and her team faced a reputational crisis. They responded by rebranding the company with the Live Más campaign, targeting the millennial market and employing innovative social media strategies. The result was a success, indicating that brands can successfully navigate challenges by embracing change, fostering teamwork and engaging with customers on emerging platforms.
  • 12:02 – 16:25 – From traditional to tech-driven marketing: To effectively adapt to her shift from consumer goods and QSRs to major tech companies like Google and TikTok, Gresham needed to embrace a marketing strategy that is strongly results-oriented and closely aligned with financial objectives. This approach was necessary due to the tech industry’s skepticism towards marketing, where tangible proof of impact is a key demand. It’s always wise to focus on developing and implementing marketing tactics that are quantifiable and directly contribute to the overall business goals, ensuring a comprehensive business perspective is maintained.
  • 24:22 – 30:57 – TikTok’s viral dynamics and marketing evolution: Before joining Verizon, Gresham was TikTok’s U.S. head of marketing. She believes that several key elements contributed to the platform’s rapid growth and success, such as the possibility to nurture a strong sense of community and set trends by making content go viral. If you’re looking to tap into present cultural movements and appeal to new generations, harness the power of TikTok for your brand.
  • 32:20 – 36:25 – Adopting an innovative digital-first wireless service strategy: Gresham’s leadership at Verizon Value is shaping a modern, digital-centric approach to wireless service. Products like Visible and TracFone cater to the evolving preferences of younger, tech-savvy consumers. For businesses, this strategy highlights the importance of innovation in service delivery, understanding consumer trends towards digital solutions and the strategic use of partnerships for distribution.
  • 36:25 – 41:42 – Personalizing wireless services for a 5G future: As we move towards a 5G-dominated era in wireless services, the industry is witnessing a significant shift from traditional cabled connections to 5G technology and fixed wireless solutions. This evolution is accompanied by an emphasis on offering choice and flexibility, tailored to meet the distinct requirements of various customer groups. This approach aims to ensure a seamless and inclusive experience in wireless connectivity. To stay ahead in this dynamic landscape, it’s crucial to invest in understanding and catering to these diverse customer needs, shaping a more personalized and effective 5G wireless service.