The Speed of Culture Podcast: Blending Travel, Leisure and Branding

Scott DeAngelo, evp and CMO at Allegiant, on strategic partnerships and top-tier events

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Allegiant is a prominent player in the travel and leisure industry, known for its innovative approach and customer focus. With unique business models, creative branding and strategic partnerships, Allegiant offers more than just transportation—it provides seamless connections to memorable moments and exclusive experiences.

To explore the intricacies and achievements that make Allegiant a leader in its field, Scott DeAngelo, the executive vice president and CMO at Allegiant, joins Suzy founder and CEO Matt Britton on the latest episode of The Speed of Culture podcast. During the episode, DeAngelo shares Allegiant’s consumer-centric business model, strategic partnerships and top-tier events to ensure memorable moments and exclusive experiences for its passengers.

DeAngelo joined Allegiant as CMO in March 2018, bringing with him more than 20 years of data-driven expertise in marketing, finance and product leadership across both consumer and b-to-b sectors. Prior to his role at Allegiant, he worked at Vantiv and Worldpay, where he led product, pricing and data initiatives for seven years. Before his tenure at Vantiv and Worldpay, DeAngelo excelled at Acxiom, providing valuable guidance to clients in online retail, digital commerce, travel and hospitality.

Discover how Allegiant elevates the passenger experience by exploring the key takeaways from the episode.

Key highlights:

  • 02:44 – 04:14 – Keeping your finger on the pulse of your consumer  – DeAngelo ensures that he stays in touch with Allegiant’s customers by conducting weekly surveys, a practice the company started during the pandemic. Although the surveys began by focusing on health-related matters, they have transitioned to addressing economic subjects over the past three years. Additionally, Allegiant runs short, targeted surveys to quickly gather insights and prioritize consumer interests. Therefore, any new feature introduced by the company enhances the customer experience based on direct feedback rather than assumptions.
  • 04:15 – 07:15 – Direct flights, direct connections, direct-to-consumer – Allegiant, an ultra-low-cost airline, aims to link underrepresented, small to mid-sized cities with nonstop flights to sought-after destinations like Las Vegas and Orlando. Established two decades ago with a direct-to-consumer model, Allegiant has been able to foster a close connection with its customers by making bookings exclusively through its own website. This direct engagement allows Allegiant to maintain a rich customer database and gain early insights into its travel plans.
  • 08:55 – 12:35 – Allegiant’s strategic leap – Allegiant has leveraged opportunities such as the Allegiant Stadium for increased brand exposure, offering a unique platform to boost its visibility on a global scale—especially during high-profile events like major concerts. This integrated approach surpasses traditional advertising, as it integrates the Allegiant brand into experiences that consumers care about. The naming rights agreement also reduces the company’s reliance on traditional advertising, making it a cost-effective strategy for building brand awareness. Furthermore, Allegiant has been able to create a stronger association with leisure activities by being interwoven with live sports and music events, enhancing its brand identity as a travel company.
  • 13:25 – 15:10 – Flying high with EDC collaboration – Allegiant recently announced its partnership with Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC), one of the world’s premier music festivals in Las Vegas. As part of the collaboration, Allegiant is contemplating an EDC-branded “Rave Plane” as well as Allegiant “Rave Hangers,” an area where attendees can relax, get a drink and listen to DJs. This initiative exemplifies Allegiant’s dedication to engage with its consumers beyond travel, and intertwine its brand with the things people enjoy, such as live music.
  • 18:30 – 23:20 – Exploring new avenues in luxury travel –  Allegiant is set to expand its portfolio with the opening of Sunseeker Resort, a world-class resort in southwest Florida, strategically located next to a primary flight destination. This new venture, scheduled to open in October, is in line with Allegiant’s strategy to broaden its offerings and increase its margins. The Sunseeker Resort is expected to feature the largest in-ground pool in Florida, 20 food and beverage outlets, a rooftop infinity pool, and various other amenities. Allegiant plans to use its existing loyalty program, Always Rewards and its co-variant credit card to further monetize the resort. The company is also considering acquiring and rebranding other properties across the country, creating a more comprehensive travel ecosystem.