Temerlin McClain Becomes TM Advertising

CHICAGO At the request of its former name partners, Interpublic Group’s Temerlin McClain has been renamed TM Advertising, an agency representative confirmed.

“You evolve or you become extinct. We’re simply practicing what we preach to clients every day,” said Jim Ferguson, who joined the Irving, Texas, shop in October as chairman and chief creative officer, in a statement. “I love the new twist on the name.”

The change was suggested late last year by former agency chairman Liener Temerlin, who left the shop about three-and-a-half years ago, and Dennis McClain, who stepped down as CEO last October, Temerlin said. Both men continue to serve as consultants with the agency.

“I thought it was in [the agency’s] best interests, and my own, that the name be changed,” said Temerlin, 76.

Temerlin’s name is also on the door of his business, Temerlin Consultancy, as well as Southern Methodist University’s Temerlin Advertising Institute. “I thought it was appropriate that those things stand on their own,” Temerlin said.

The change was made with “no animosity” toward the agency, Temerlin said. “I hold the creative work that the agency is doing now in high, high regard,” he said.

Along with the name change, the agency has developed a new logo and moved its Web site to www.tm.com. Founded in 1934 as Glenn Advertising, the agency’s last name change was in 1992, when Bozell Dallas became Temerlin McClain.

The shop, with estimated billings of $460 million, is preparing to defend its $140 million Subaru of America business. Subaru last week said it was initiating a search for new creative ideas and is in the process of hiring a consultant.