TeePublic Has Merch for Your Weirdest Online Searches in Its First Major Campaign

The brand's colorful new spots come after a banner year

TeePublic used real web searches to fuel its first major marketing effort.TeePublic

TeePublic, an online marketplace for independent creators focused on subculture designs, hasn’t engaged in much marketing since its founding in 2013. That changed this month with the launch of its first major ad campaign.

Created alongside video production company Makeout, the “Whatever You’re Into” campaign consists of three spots inspired by some of the most popular searches on the website. For instance, “Roommates” shows two men decorating their new space with decor themed around wizards, outer space, and gaming. In “Dark Deb,” a goth girl searches for horror-themed items but winds up brightening up her room with unicorns.

The tongue-in-cheek shorts highlight TeePublic’s wide array of merchandise by showcasing how its customers can find a shirt—or mug, or laptop case—to fit any aesthetic.

Redbubble acquired TeePublic in 2018, and the joint company has since reached more than $1 billion in value. The boom in ecommerce shopping for more casual attire and home goods during the COVID-19 pandemic led to a 900% increase in Redbubble’s stock price year-over-year, with Redbubble doubling its previous annual revenue growth. According to the company, the popular ecommerce shop was selling a T-shirt every six seconds during peak months. TeePublic hopes that this delightfully odd campaign will help it retain those new customers as the company continues to grow.




Everett Ravens – Director/Cinematographer

Jen Leahy – Lead Producer

Chris Champion Morgan – Editor (External)

Eric Fleming – Executive Producer

Greg Privett – Creative Director


Kate Melvin – Creative Director

Jillian Fisher – Art Director

Alex Hitchcock – Producer

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