TechnoGraphics-Vox Paves Way for Kumon

BOSTON TechnoGraphics-Vox has launched the first U.S. campaign for Japanese supplemental education company Kumon. The Teaneck, N.J., client plans to spend $10 million in 2004 on marketing efforts.

One 60-second commercial shows children learning in the classroom and enjoying dance and sports. A voiceover says, “They say practice makes perfect. That’s the idea behind Kumon. An after-school program where children learn math and reading the same way they learn to play the piano or hit a baseball. Kumon students practice the basics of math and reading everyday until they’re second nature.”

The spot goes on to say, “They learn in small gradual steps that build their confidence and help them reach their full potential.”

The spot illustrates that “learning math and reading is no different than learning baseball or drawing,” according to Jonathan Nettlefield, director of strategic development at TechnoGraphics-Vox in Weston, Conn. “Kumon is [about] practice, practice, practice. [It’s] not like other tutoring services.”

The campaign is tagged, “Let your child amaze you.”

The spots are airing on national cable outlets including Animal Planet and Oxygen. Radio, print, online and collateral components are also in the media mix.

Kumon’s competitors include Sylvan and Huntington. The Kumon method is based on a series of math and reading worksheets organized in levels of progressive difficulty from the ABC’s to calculus and Shakespeare.