This Tech Startup Helps Businesses Reach Potential Customers With Apps

Redemption rates over 40%


Who Co-founders Brent Gilmore, CEO; and Katie Pietrowski, COO

What Activity-based mobile ad platform

Where Co-working space in Back Bay, Boston

HighFive is the company behind devkit software that apps can download to reward their users with discounts or coupons based on activity they’re logging. A local smoothie shop, for instance, would be able to reach runners using relevant apps and reward them with a drink after a workout. (HighFive was one of 10 early-stage firms selected for an accelerator program run by Nike and Techstars.) The company, working on its public launch, but in beta, had redemption rates of over 40 percent. Gilmore and Pietrowski, both 25, met at Elon University and later teamed up with Jo Albright, who is HighFive’s lead iOS developer. 

Photo: Trevor Paulhus