TBWACD's 'Silhouettes' Alternative

NEW YORK TBWAChiatDay’s Apple iPod “Silhouettes” campaign had competition when it was first conceived, a creative director who works on the ads said at a conference here on Saturday.

At the Iconic Advertising panel at Tokion magazine’s Creativity Now Conference, creative director Eric Grunbaum said he and his team initially pitched two ideas to advertise the iPod: the now-ubiquitous “Silhouettes” idea and another concept based on iconic imagery of musical moments, which was to be overlaid with spoken word poems about the importance of music.

“The iPod was introduced when digital music had thrown the industry into a mess,” he said. “Something that was getting lost was the music itself. We thought, what if we just celebrated the music.”

The TBWACD team, which also included creative director Duncan Milner, debated both ideas at length, but finally settled on “Silhouettes.”

“The spoken word campaign talked about emotion, but this campaign was emotion,” Grunbaum said.

Other panelists included creative director Steve Bassett, who discussed The Martin Agency’s 11-year relationship with Geiko, and Peter Wijk, director of market communications for V&S Absolut Spirits, who talked about advertising Absolut vodka.