Tattooed Nation

True or false: Men are far more likely than women to have a tattoo. According to a Harris Poll, it’s false: 15 percent of men said they have at least one tattoo, just slightly more than the 13 percent of women saying the same. Age is the real dividing line, with 32 percent of 25-29-year-olds saying they’re tattooed, vs. 25 percent of 30-39s, 12 percent of 40-49s and 8 percent of 50-64s. Do many people who have tattoos wish they didn’t? Not yet. Just 16 percent regret getting one. Thirty-six percent said having a tattoo makes them feel more “rebellious”; 31 percent said it makes them feel more “sexy.” Be that as it may, 32 percent of the untattooed think a person with a tattoo is more likely “to do something most people would consider deviant.”