Tatham Gives Men Their Own Hair Spray

CHICAGO New print ads from Havas’ Euro RSCG Tatham Partners here for Albert Culver’s Consort hair spray for men break this week in Sporting News.

The ads suggest that real men don’t share hair care products with women and are tagged, “Because guys are different.”

One execution shows a pheasant hunter taking aim. His dog, pointing toward an unseen bird, is not the standard retriever but a well-coiffed white poodle with a pink bow.

Another ad shows three construction workers from behind, with one seen to be wearing thong underwear. Copy reads as a quote above a photo of ESPN sportscaster Dan Patrick, who earlier this fall became spokesman for the brand. “Today you’re using your girlfriend’s hair gel. Tomorrow, your wife’s hair spray. Where does it end, my friend? Where does it end?”

The print work follows a radio campaign that broke Oct. 6. Spending details were unavailable.