Target Builds Buzz for Aguilera Via Mobile Blogs

Target has tapped upstart mobile media publisher Snakk Media to promote its exclusive sale of the deluxe version of Christina Aguilera’s Keeps getting better: A decade of hits.

Snakk Media, which launches in beta on Monday, has signed exclusive deals with 100 top bloggers to present their posts in a mobile-friendly format. Its first destination is, where pop culture junkies can get the latest news, updated every five minutes, directly on their mobile devices.

“Every day, we did one thing often, check the blogs. But, it was a terrible experience on the phones,” said Joe Kavanaugh, vp of strategic development at Snakk Media. Snakk technology optimizes the experience for 9,000 handsets, including most notably the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry.

Prior to its launch, Snakk inked a wide swath of bloggers from DJ Steve Aoki to Glosslip and Blogcritics (the last two signed on prior to being acquired by Technorati).

Target’s media buy includes banner ad placements at both the top and bottom of the mobile site. However, Kavanaugh said, advertisers will have the opportunity to create integrated campaigns with the blogger’s sites, as well as through events.

The strength of the model is the constant updates, he said: “Once you start reading, it becomes addictive.”