Tejari's Mission to Bring Healthy Snacking to All

The plant-based protein company's mission for convenient, delicious options

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Maintaining a healthy diet can be a challenge, especially when you’re on the move. However, Tejari has got you covered with its plant-based protein powders that make for healthy and delicious snacks.

As the founder of Tejari, Roma Patel embarked on a quest to find nutrient-rich, tasty and convenient food options that did not include empty calories, sugar or cheap ingredients. Despite extensive searches, she could not find any that met her criteria.

Therefore, she decided to seek advice from registered dietitians, learn from local farmers and collaborate with food scientists to push the boundaries. These efforts resulted in the creation of Tejari, a plant-based, superfood protein that is made with organic, whole ingredients and is packed with fruits and spices.

In this episode of Young Influentials, Adweek digital editor and host Colin Daniels sits down with Patel as she share the unique features of her product, the challenges of finding suitable distributors and the future plans of the company.

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