Synthenet Updates Regional Boy Scouts Site

BOSTON Synthenet has revamped the Web site for the Boy Scouts of America’s Boston Minuteman Council, the agency said.

Independent shop Synthenet in Northborough, Mass., had been tasked with redesigning a site that better reflected the client’s mission and personality as well as provide useful information for staff and visitors.

“An incredible amount of critical information is now organizied and easy to find through our custom designed, user friendly navigation system,” said Rodney Capron, president and founder of Synthenet.

“The Boston Minuteman Council … membership has grown tremendously and our Web site plays a crucial role in communicating with our growing family,” said John Garee, director of field service for the Boston Minuteman Council, in a statement. “We needed to update our site so it better reflected our evolving image and add new functions to address the growing demands of our audience. We now have a site that is easy to update and accessible by many different areas of scouting, where solid communications are key. The event calendar, online registration tool, the e-newsletter function, and the new council e-store have brought considerable services to our users.”

The Boston Minuteman Council is currently one of the over 300 local councils chartered by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Synthenet’s client roster includes Antioch New England Institute, StateSource, Working Advantage, Jessica’s Biscuit and World Society for the Protection of Animals.