Surge Is Back, and This Neon-Green Pager Will Let You Know When It’s on Tap at Burger King

Coca-Cola Freestyle celebrates the return of a '90s icon

Tired of smartphones giving you bad news? This beeper only gives you Surge news. Momentum
Headshot of David Griner

“Remember Surge? Neon green? It was ’90s in a can!”

That’s the sales pitch to passersby in a recent stunt from agency Momentum for Coca-Cola Freestyle, the many-flavored Coke machine that lets you pick from a baffling array of soda options. Now that lineup, at least at select Burger King locations, includes retro beverage Surge, an unnervingly bright green citrus soda that went off the market in the early 2000s.

To lean into the debatable excitement for the brand’s (sigh) resurgence, Momentum created a teaser video—in the vein of a sleek Apple product reveal—announcing a Surge-specific pager, which will let you know when Surge is on sale via Freestyle machines at Burger King.

But the agency also took it a step further and staged a wireless device pop-up outside of a Brooklyn Apple store (whose logo is hilariously blurred in the most half-ass way possible) and tried to spark interest in the garish red and green pagers whose sole purpose in life is to alert you to Surge availability.

Sadly for the Surge superfan, there’s no easy way to actually track down one of these pagers unless you happen to catch that Offspring-looking salesdude while he’s out slinging his belt bling.

Also, if you love Surge but aren’t a Burger King fan, I’m afraid you’re once again out of luck. Coca-Cola Freestyle says this comeback currently is a Burger King exclusive:


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