Sunkist Soda Aims for ‘Awesome’

Sunkist is using everything from break dancing grannies to basketball phenom “Baby Jordan” to show that it contains “12 ounces of awesome.”

The new brand repositioning, which targets trend savvy teens and young adults, broke this week. The Dr Pepper Snapple Group learned seen how powerful YouTube, Facebook and MySpace can be when it leveraged Tay Zonday for “Chocolate Rain” to promote its Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper and Judson Laipply for Orange Crush.

This time around it created four new videos for its Sunkist brand featuring “Super Team Awesome.” They star in online videos where they twist ordinary situations like a night out at the club. In “Break dancing grannies,” people dressed as the elderly take over a dance floor, for example. Moxie Pictures and Noise were the agencies.

To promote its “12 ounces of awesome pitch” it has partnered with the MySpace music property The List. Sunkist will serve as the title sponsor at events. The videos were posted on YouTube and are being promoted through Twitter. The brand expects to generate two billion impressions among its demographic this summer.

“Sunkist fans are young adults who are mobile. Live online and love music-we just can’t rely on traditional marketing,” said Derek Dabrowski, Sunkist soda’s brand manager. “To reach this target, you need multiple touch points with engaging content.”

Sunkist soda spent $1.4 million on media last year, excluding online, per Nielsen.