Subservient Chicken Begets Presidential Satire

NEW YORK If anyone needed more proof that the Subservient Chicken Crispin Porter + Bogusky created for Burger King in April has become part of the pop culture landscape, a college professor has provided it. He has created an imitation Web site:

The site shows a man in a George W. Bush mask in an Oval Office-like setting with a presidential seal and an American flag in the background. Similar to the CP+B Internet venue, viewers can type in a command and the faux president will react.

“Find Osama bin Laden,” for example, shows the president magically changing a picture of bin Laden into an image of Saddam Hussein.

The parody site was created by Steve Anderson, a research faculty member at the USC School of Cinema-Television and a teacher at the Annenberg Center, who said he was inspired by political events.

“The site was motivated by the presidential election and timed so the launch would coincide with the Democratic National Convention,” Anderson said.

Anderson created the site with several friends, who shot 40-50 movements in about four hours, and programmed it over the course of a few days. Anderson calls the site his “first foray into the political arena.”

A few Web logs picked up during the DNC in July, and it has steadily grown in popularity since. Last week, Anderson had to move it to another Internet hosting service in order to handle the traffic, which has recorded up to 500,000 hits a day.

Aside from his political message—”the goal is to trash Bush,” he said—Anderson also wanted to pay homage to the Subservient Chicken.

“It’s overtly sexualized poultry, which you don’t see a lot on the Web these days,” he said.

CP+B was not contacted for permission, but the staff is flattered, according to interactive creative director Jeff Benjamin. “I think it’s cool,” he said. “Any time we do something and it makes its way into pop culture it’s fun to see.”