Stone Ward Gives Bugs the Cold Shoulder

DALLAS Stone Ward continues its “Extreme Home” campaign for Terminix in a new television spot that features a house made of ice to keep out termites.

In “Ice Home” a shivering woman slides around her boyfriend’s parents’ house while he is nearly impaled by a chandelier made of icicles. The hostess, wearing a fur coat, explains how she and her spouse hate termites so much they “re-did” the house. Voicecopy: “Here’s a better idea. Call Terminix.” After the Terminix phone number appears, the spot returns to the house, where the woman guest is lifting frozen soup with a spoon.

“The whole strategy behind the spot is termites can be an incredible hassle, so why go to the trouble when you just need to pick up the phone and call Terminix,” said agency creative director Jay Cranford.

The spot by the Little Rock, Ark., agency broke on national cable and on network channels in the top 20 TV markets on Monday. Terminix is also running three previously produced 30-second spots that share the theme of homeowners taking extreme measures to get rid of bugs. One house is made of cement, one has fans blowing from every direction and another uses excruciatingly bright lights.

Terminix of Memphis, Tenn., handles media buying in-house.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. The client spent $23 million on media last year, according to CMR.