Steady As She Goes

A stronger-than-expected report on April job growth came out Friday but failed to send a charge into skittish investors, who pulled back late in the last day of a week that saw the main market indexes up only slightly. The main concern dampening the government’s report of 274,000 new jobs for the month: higher interest rates. For the week, the Dow Jones industrial average was up a point to finish at 10,345.40, while the Nasdaq was up a little more than 2 percent to close at 1,967.35. The ad-agency holding companies followed the larger trend and made no major moves. IPG opened and closed the week at the same price, $12.86, while Omnicom went through a week of minor ups and downs, ending at $86.29, a five-day uptick of almost 4 percent. WPP, trading as American Depository Receipts on the Nasdaq, was down just a hair over five days of trading to close at $54 even.