Starz’s ‘Bloody’ Good Show

NEW YORK Starz, the pay cable network, this week launched a multimedia campaign from MDC’s Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners.

The $25 million yearlong push consists of TV spots, banner ads, Web-page takeovers and a new logo for the network. This marks the New York agency’s first work for the client since it won the business in a review late last year.

In “Blood,” a man walks past the Starz logo and stops when he hears a chainsaw roar and a woman scream. Peering through a gap between letters in the word “Starz,” he watches for a few seconds before getting sprayed by a geyser of blood. The new tagline is, “Are you ready?”

“The strategy for the campaign was all about anticipation. We’re trying to articulate that we are a destination for premium content,” said Kelly Bumann, vp, marketing communication and consumer strategy at Starz. The network is a division of Liberty Media, and based in Englewood, Colo.

The spots will run on networks such as NBC, ESPN and TNT.

Web takeovers depict the page ripping open like a camera aperture as a movie plays within. Online ads will run on sites such as IMDB, and