Snuggle, Jockey, Jolly Time Get Nostalgic in New Ads

Promote comfort in products even our grandparents loved

Vintage. Classic. Throwback Thursday (#tbt). Flashback Friday (#fbf). It’s hip to be nostalgic these days.

And the comfort foods and brands that have thrived through the generations—in some cases 100 years or more—are cashing in on our renewed interest in history with ad campaigns that promote their staying-power.

Longtime brands such as Jolly Time, Tater Tots, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Snuggle and a British gin called Boodles popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s are celebrating milestones while dusting off their images with the help of social media and online marketing.

"I would say that to survive for a hundred years you have to be nimble and flexible and relevant," Garry Smith, president of American Pop Corn told The New York Times.

American Pop Corn’s Jolly Time popcorn is celebrating its centennial anniversary with an online video and a "virtual museum" of the company’s evolving history on its website.

Meanwhile, a new campaign for Jockey features iconic figures such as Babe Ruth, Buzz Aldrin and George S. Patton sporting the tighty whities.

Talking about exposing laundry, social media wasn’t even a twinkle in the sewed-on eye of Snuggle Bear when the fabric softener the stuffed cuddler represents became a dryer staple some 30 years ago.

But that hasn’t stopped the brand and others from tweeting and posting as part of their recent campaigns. Snuggle Bear is a big tweeter and Mr. Boodles, representing Proximo Spirits’ revived brand of gin, offers a few tips on high-class society in his #sendforboodles promotion, such as the proper way to tie a tie and how to make herb frittata. 

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