SeeSaw Rides Ripple Effect

LOS ANGELES SeeSaw Networks has added Ripple TV to its digital out-of-home network, according to a partnership pact announced yesterday.

The partnership adds new locations and brings SeeSaw Networks’ advertising offering to 20,000 venues.

“Ripple provides one of the most engaging experiences with digital out of home, said Peter Bowen, CEO, San Francisco, in a statement. “Moreover, Ripple’s high-quality locations offer an effective way to reach people where they work, play and socialize.”

Ripple’s network of some 1,500 screens provides embedded advertising with entertainment, information and news from sources such as E!, The New York Times, Yahoo!, CBS and Reuters. The Ripple network concentrates on coffee, fast-casual dining and other social-gathering spaces, including Jack in the Box, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tully’s, Borders, and Jiffy Lube.

Ali Diab, co-founder and president, Ripple TV, El Segundo, Calif., said the partnership with SeeSaw “gives national advertisers access to a highly engaged audience. This demonstrates how the Internet is changing the landscape of digital out of home. Historically it was arcane and non-real time and difficult for advertisers to plan and budget. Now it is very easy, and very granular.”