The Seattle Mariners have been a very good and a very disappointing team in recent years. They’ve won scads of games, but have had only modest post-season success. As such, they’re a good candidate for advertising that ignores the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat (or vice versa). As in previous seasons, this year’s ticket-sales campaign focuses on the players as quirky people interacting in their workplace–which just happens to be a big-league ballpark. In the best spot in the batch, we see M’s players taking their pre-game warm-up while dressed in Hawaiian shirts, shorts, khakis, sandals and the like. As first-baseman John Olerud passes the visiting team’s dugout, an Anaheim Angels coach asks him what’s up. Olerud’s deadpan response: “Oh, we’re trying this Casual Friday thing.” Another spot plays on the proliferation of consultants in all sorts of businesses. In it, three Mariners veterans–Mike Cameron, Jeff Nelson and Shegetosi Hasegawa–take newcomer Randy Winn to the team’s “nickname consultant.” Why? Because that guy’s the indispensable genius who dubbed them Cammy, Nellie and Shiggy. Whether they expect to see the Ms’ reach the World Series or not, the team’s core audience will easily relate to this sort of workaday nonsense.

Copacino + Fujikado, Seattle

Seattle Mariners, Seattle

Creative director
Jim Copacino

Art director
Kurt Reifscheider

Ben Steele

Agency producer
Sue Mowrer

Production company
Blue Goose Productions, Mercer Island, Wash.

Ron Gross

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