Sawyer Miller Makes Colombian Coffee Hip

BOSTON Colombian Coffee this week breaks new prints ads from Sawyer Miller that feature young coffee drinkers instead of the brand’s iconic Juan Valdez.

“This is the advertising for a new generation of coffee drinkers: more sophisticated, more selective when it comes to coffee, and more passionate about their favorite brands,” said Susan Armstrong, chief creative officer of Sawyer Miller, Interpublic Group-owned Weber Shandwick’s advertising arm in New York. “The campaign is designed to engage the viewer by capturing the authenticity and warmth of everyday moments and creating a special aspirational mood.”

The effort targets 18- to 34-year-olds and marks the first push for the brand since 2001, the agency said. Colombian Coffee’s last campaign featuring Valdez was crafted by the previous agency, Omnicom Group’s DDB. Sawyer Miller won the business about a year ago.

The first ad to break, “Dinner Party,” shows a group of 30-somethings laughing and drinking coffee. The copy reads, “3658 miles from the coffee fields of the Colombian Andes. But still the perfect climate for Colombian Coffee.” An updated version of the brand’s logo with an illustration of Juan Valdez and his mule appears in the corner of the ad. Another execution breaking later this year shows a father and his daughter sharing a quiet morning together.

“The copy promises that the rich, delicious flavor of Colombian Coffee will arrive in your cup fresh and unchanged by its long journey from the exotic Andes Mountains,” said Armstrong.

The first of six executions breaks this week in People and Entertainment Weekly. Ads will also appear in Rolling Stone, InStyle, Food and Wine, Gourmet and US Weekly in the fall.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. Last year the client spent about $2 million on ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.